Professional Skills

Operations Management

Daily operations management and experience in marketing, business development, finance, and human resources.

Operational Efficiency

Process efficiency expertise through implementation of marketing strategies, cost cutting and operations streamlining.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Consistently achieved project objectives by reinforcing interdepartmental collaboration.

Supply Chain / Logistics Management

Logistics and supply chain management experience overseeing $260 million in nation-wide aviation fuel distribution.

Client Development

Skillfully developed/implemented multi-million dollar contracts, negotiated contract specifications

Effective Team Building

Leadership-style that encourages autonomy, accountability, and transparency resulting in high performing teams.

Career Experience

Leprino Foods Company

Supply Chain Analyst

  • Effective management of inventory and outbound customer orders shipping from multiple storage facilities using SAP (supply chain management software)
  • Coordinated with traffic / customer service teams as primary contact for 3rd-party logistics to ensure order / shipping accuracy
  • Collaboration with production planners and management to ensure optimal inventory levels

Aria Target/Icon Group

Chief Executive Officer

  • Operations management that included the oversight of 200+ employees and management of a $7 million annual budget as a United Nations Compound Manager across multiple divisions: finance, logistics, housekeeping, transportation, security, maintenance, human resources
  • Responsible for achieving operational efficiency through streamlining efforts that transitioned the company into a profitable operation
  • Effective leadership and team building of 200+ employees to facilitate operational efficiency objectives
  • Managed client expectations and needs; implemented creative solutions to retain their business

Targe Logistics/Aria Target

Operations Manager / Logistics – Supply Chain Manager

  • Logistics management and operations management of a $260 million aviation fuel supply chain that provided fuel services for the air force that spanned 18 Afghan provinces
  • Spearheaded a transition to operational efficiency and profitability by reducing cost, supply chain inefficiency, implementing process efficiency and decreasing fraud and waste from the fuel supply chain
  • Logistics management responsibility for 12,000 square metric tons fuel storage; Implemented complex record keeping to monitor fuel inventory in real time
  • Managed client relationships for improved client expectations and satisfaction
  • Extensive cross-team collaboration to establish high-level security protocols to prevent theft and ensure integrity of the fuel supply chain


Project Manager for Presidential Election

  • Managed transportation of sensitive election material with $18 million operating budget
  • Managed election operations plan under tight deadlines and security threats; Revised election operations plans to ensure that those in remote regions would receive elections materials
  • Evaluated and drafted revised election plans; Successfully implemented the revised plans
  • Created a savvy logistics plan to deliver election materials more efficiently

American Embassy, Kabul

Executive Office Protocol Assistant,

  • Communicated protocol guidance on all official and social events and functions
  • Managed team meeting arrangements for the Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors
  • Collaborated with key personnel to arrange events for US government VIP visits and congressional delegations
  • Advised Embassy personnel on all aspects of protocol and local custom and practices

American Embassy, Kabul / U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan

Political Affairs Assistant

  • Developed and managed contacts with Afghan government officials, civil society representatives, NGOs
  • Presented updates to the Provincial Reconstruction Team on subnational governance, domestic politics and provincial military structure
  • Drafted reports on critical political developments, including weekly report summaries

United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

Language Assistant


  • Presented oral translation in meetings between UNAMA Military Liaison Officers and other military authorities updates
  • Provided accurate translation of documents for UNAMA Military Advisory Unit and Central Region Office
  • Sourced and analyzed information contained in communication and publications received from the press and various sources
  • Monitored national, provincial and district level political developments and provided advice to the mission
  • Developed and managed a profile/maps database for the political section, including district, tribal and critical personality profiles


Edrak Institute of Higher Education

Bachelors of Arts in Law & Political Science

Pakistan Degree College of Information Science

Bachelors of Science in Information Technology

Skill Set

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Business Process Efficiency
  • Cross-Cultural Team Leadership
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Client Development
  • Business Strategy
  • SAP Supply Chain Management Software
  • Project Management
  • Client Support

Honors & Awards

NATO International Security Armed Forces (ISAF) Commander for Excellence

Received from US General David Petraeus

Franklin Award

Support of the political process in Regional Command-East and Panjshir Province. The Franklin Award, named for Benjamin Franklin in honor of his distinguished service as a public servant and U.S. diplomat, recognizes the achievements of individuals in a variety of areas of importance to the Department.

Certificate of Appreciation

Awarded by United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

4 Meritorious Honor Awards

Support of Transition and Good Governance & Support of the Ambassador Protocol team